The passage of time in Restelas is as follows:

There are 60 weeks in a year, with each week lasting 7 days. With 5 weeks a month, there are 12 months in a year. There are 24 hours in a day, with minutes and seconds passing as expected.

There are four main seasons, each loosely lasting 3 months


Sochan (sow-chan)

Sochan is the month of Learning and Trying. It is when education is thought to be best begun as well as when it should begin to reach a conclusion. By studying in this month, most scholars witll give themselves approximately 13 months to reach suitable conclusion before abandoning the process. It is also the month when long campaigns of war or personal vendettas are said to begin, as it is the time to learn of your opponent and begin trying to overcome them.

Sulan (sue-lan)

The month of testing and loss, Sulan is the highest mortality season of the year. Known as the hight of Shadow, it is said that during the month of Sulan that evil creatures are empowered to leave their lairs and perfom deeds that will lead to great sorrow. Those who have studied over the past year can expect this month to be fraught with trials and tests of varied sources.

Philoman (phee-low-man)

The month of Philoman is the month of transition and change. Often celebrated as the start of the true year and the lively year, it is the time of consideration for many families. One is expected to consider what one would wish to achieve in the coming months and make personal pledges of improvement or attainment.


Ligg (ligg)

​​​​​​​The month of light is so called as being the month the sun reappears for all corners of the world, yet it is the time of failure and strength also as the challenges set for the new year becoming next to insurpassable and one faces the first of their challenges obstacles in pursuit of their goals. It is a time of gift giving, a time of charitable aid.

Muga (moo-gah)

The month of lies and breaking is so called for the Pledge-breakers who disappoint themselves by abandoning their dreams and goals. It is also known as the month of death, so called for the White Star which rises in this month and is considered a time of powerful necromancy and the night upon which Undeath first rose her brother. It is consider the time when the plane of unlife is closest to the material plane, meaning funerals taking place at this time are more likely to send the soul where it needs to go. 

Darah (da-ra)

The final month of spring is a month of empowerment. It is the renewal of self and promises, and those who break during Muga are expected to mend and fix that which was broken by making new pledges or reaffirming old ones. It is a time of growth and of birth, when the land breaks into the true radiance of summer colours and the cries of babes and young animals are heard throughout the forests. 


Honas (Oh-nass)

Honas is the time of festivals. A month of honour and chivalry, the knights of all realms seek to remain beacons of good gentle manners and initiate new nights. It is a time to be assured that the challenges undertaken are truly following and truly pursued. The festivals of Honas are varied, the most attended being the Grand Dragon, a festival held at the Golden Dragon and nearby lands for the celebration of selfless deeds and community.

Lonas (low-nass)

​​​​​​​The month of Lonas is the most unusual of the months, with scholars of the Ancient Calendar questing the placement of it. The height of summer is marked with the celebration of the ephermal world : the sea, the wind and the waves. It is a time for new voyages and beginning to prepare for winter. It is also a time to return: to visit families and loved ones that you have not, and to celebrate those who remain.

Sonas (sow-nass)

Sonas the month of remembrance. It is a chance to remember the year that is soon closing and to consider what has happened. It is also a time to remember those who have been lost, those who may be lost soon, and those who have lost. It is a time of reading also, to recall histories and ancient tomes and the final campaigns for knowledge begin before the season of magic starts, with mages and scholars alike seeking to send out adventuring parties for rare components and materials with time before the dark of winter.


Locus (Low-cuss)

The first month of Autumn is a time of faith. Paladins and Clerics are often seen performing their duties diligently as they seek to find time for contemplation and pilgrimage. They travel to the holy places of their gods and reaffirm their vows or ask blessings and forgiveness for their actions. It is the time when Paladins recruit and seek out new apprentices in a hope of finding those with the spark of faith. For the less godly, it is a time of hope and perseverance. To find solace in what one has and see the fruits of ones labour. It is also a reminder to those who have failed their Oaths to buckle down and continue, to believe there is a still hope of completion.

Flitus (Fly-tuss)

The month of oaths and initiation sees the newly trained Clerics and Paladins take their first divine oaths, it is the time also when nobles will test for their champions and consider the changes in their houses. A time of marriage, it is often a month for family with those who have loved ones being encouraged to present gifts and tokens of affection to prove and strengthen their links.

Gagus (Gay-guss)

The last month of the year is Gagus, the month of growing shadow and things unknown. It is the beginning of the dark months when the creatures in the depths stir from summer slumbers, and the tension of the world rises as the criminals and the evil-doers of the world rise out of their slums to wreck havock and desire upon the world of riches.

The Golden Dragon

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