“The First Twin is death, who seems like a friend;
He’ll greet you with warmth, if you’re to commend.
But if you are of darkness, of meaning unclear,
He’ll slice in your neck, from ear to ear.”

- Excerpt from A Truth Considered

The domains of Death are:

  • Honesty
  • Freedom
  • New Beginnings
  • The End

Cleric Colleges:

  • Nature
  • Light

Common Paladin Oaths:

  • Redemption
  • Cunning

Death is associated with the Element of Water


The Twins of Death and Undeath are said to have both once been mortals who spent a life in disagreement. Where one saw beauty, the other saw only ugliness. And where one learnt magic, the other would fight with a sword. In life they were said to have been irascible with one another, but eminently reasonable in regards to others.

As is often the great misfortune of such companionship, both fell in love with the same person, a tiefling named Jarcius (Jar-see-uss). Nevertheless, the one thing they could agree on would become their undoing, as Jarcius was revealed to be plotting to kill them both over an early mistake in their careers. Following this realisation they debated the course of action. Death argued that a darkness existed in Jarcius, and as such they must be slain to avoid this darkness not only taking their own lives, but the lives of other innocents in their selfish design.

The followers of Death follow a principle of three Darknesses: Body, Mind and Soul. They seek to cleanse themselves of their darkness, as the teaching indicated there is a finite amount of darkness in the world, and should they succeed in removing all darkness, they may reach a Utopic universe.

Each follower also picks their own choice of darkness. It may be sins such as lust, glutton, avarice, envy or such things as hate or love. Since the teachings of Darkness do not indicate the identity of what the true Darkness is, the High Clerics encourage free thought and that by each member pursuing the death of each type of darkness may the world be cleansed

They believe that if one of the three Darknesses is to be causing dark intent and action, it should be removed. If one’s wife was to encourage killing for the sake of personal, selfish gain, and a Paladin of Death such to be darkness, then they would see fit to kill said wife. If then the Paladin saw the cause of her evil to be a curse of the mind, they would take her to the Monasteries of Death where she would be rehabilitated and, failing that, slain to remove her evil. Those who leave Monasteries of Death are said to be marked, such that if they step off the path they are set upon, they will be found and visited by one of the faithful.


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