“One face will hand you a coin for your health,
The other will take from you all of your wealth.
But the third is the worse, with his sickening grins,
For when he is healthy, the killing begins.”

- Excerpt from A Truth Considered

Domains of Famine are:

  • Necromancy
  • Indulgence
  • Longevity
  • Loss
  • Marriage

Cleric Colleges:

  • Trickery
  • Death

Common Paladin Oaths:

  • Cunning (See Treachery)
  • Conquest

Famine is associated with the Element of Air.


It is said that Famine once lived as a poor man who was presented with a richness greater than life itself. He sought out this treasure, becoming a man who could live within his means. Yet his own avarice overtook his common sense, and he pursed further riches. When he gained the greatest wealth of the world, he then became obsessed about losing it, and sought eternal life, splitting his soul into many pieces. He often appears in the form or an apparition, and is considered the source of the Necromantic powers in the world.

Famine is said to be a warning of the price of desire sometimes, and the pursuit of the deepest desires can lead to great wonder and success, but that one must know the threshold of their success as once it is crossed, there is a decline into something worse. Preachers encourage personal, selfish gain over helping others, however warning that should the universe give bad luck, it is a sign to stop as the decline is then neverending.

He is a selfish god, encouraging the benefits of self-amelioration through whatever means necessary. Perhaps oddly, Famine is a deity of Marriage and Family, as it is commonly held that the poor man’s greatest treasure was to have a family and find himself in the clutch of love, but the potential loss of these loved ones drove him to thoughtless action. He is also a warning against infidelity, as to seek more than your spouse is inherently immoral or greedy.

Priests of Famine are often dressed in lavish golds and rich silks, while the Paladins wear armour gilded with silver and fight with gem encrusted swords. Though they would seem the delight of thieves, they are rumoured to poison all their possessions so that any who would take them will find themselves succumbing to disease or otherwise as a result of their theft


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