“In a far away place, there grows a tree grand,
Whose leaves shine like Emeralds, wild and unmanned.
A wind blows from the east, it’s direction unclear,
But all swear they hear voices, quiet, but severe.”

- Excerpt form A Truth Considered

Domains of Feast are:

  • Utilitarianism
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Selflessness

Cleric Colleges:

  • Life
  • Tempest

Common Paladin Oaths:

  • Ancients
  • Devotion

Feast is associated with the Element of Air.


Her origin is unclear. There are those who claim she was born with the formation of the land and she herself is the mouth of some spirit of nature, yet scholars of religion claim she could not have come into being in any way dissimilar to the rest of the gods.

Feast is said to be the first amongst the gods, as her giving nature is said to have caused the birth of the other gods as she gave parts of her power and respect to individuals of the world. Her’s is the most prevalent religion in the world, and her priests and paladins are without peer in their selfless endeavours.

Further to that, her followers often subscribe to an ideology of strength in numbers, it is unlikely to find a cleric or paladin of theirs who would not offer aid to those in need, as well as shelter. Their faith is, however, insistent, and it is common to be treated to a discussion of morality and faith over one’s dinner, which one likely is to not want if forced to seek sanctuary, as it is rarely without cause.

The requirement she asks of her followers, for the selfless giving, is unrelenting and many of her most devout are left destitute as the worse elements of humanity take advantage of their giving natures.

The darker side of this deity comes in the form of her Utilitarianism. In seeking to perform the greatest good for the greatest number of mortal beings, it is necessary to sometimes kill those who may cause further to damage to the other denizens of Restelas.


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