Medkul 'Carrion' Fanxensheth

Keeper of a Temple of the Eight


Brother Medkul is the “on site” priest, as it were, for the Golden Dragon. It is he who will offer religious advice to the guild as a whole, and he who strikes to find a balance between the conflicting religions and practices within the guild and Pantheon itself.

He is young and new to his job, replacing Sister Gert who has been running the temple for many years in a rather matronly fashion. He is comparatively untested, and some would say inexperienced, to other clerics in the guild, but he is nonetheless eager to perform his job to the best of his ability.

Rumours are still ongoing from his first joining the guild, when a particularly nasty vampire made him it’s pawn and forced him to consume the flesh of the dead and dying, earning him the name “Brother Carrion”. Jeldras Goldborn has issued a rather pointed decree that this name shouldn’t be used within the Guild or in any business as a guild member in reference to Medkul, yet many find more interesting to tell the story to newcomers.


Medkul 'Carrion' Fanxensheth

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