“Undeath did raise the first to be living,
She breathed in new life, made it do her biding.
Yet her style was new, a magic unknown,
But it stood and followed, this creature of bone.”

- Excerpt from A Truth Considered

The Domains of Undeath are

  • Necromancy
  • Life
  • Pragmatism

Cleric Colleges:

  • Knowledge
  • Death

Common Paladin Oaths:

  • Redemption
  • Conquest

Undeath is associated with the Element of Water


The Twins of Death and Undeath are said to have both once been mortals who spent a life in disagreement. Where one saw beauty, the other saw only ugliness. And where one learnt magic, the other would fight with a sword. In life they were said to have been irascible with one another, but eminently reasonable in regards to others.

As is often the great misfortune of such companionship, both fell in love with the same person, a tiefling named Jarcius (Jar-see-uss). Nevertheless, the one thing they could agree on would become their undoing, as Jarcius was revealed to be plotting to kill them both over an early mistake in their careers. Following this realisation they debated the course of action. Undeath believed Jarcius simply needed to be controlled, and then their Darkness would not come about because it would be controlled and stopped by the Twins.

Followers of Undeath believe in life above all else. Life should be kept, as it is the ultimate goal of all existence and the reward for existence is to be able to view the universe as it exists around us. If one should step out of line, they should be enslaved, jailed, and used for the uses they have in furthering life, but in stepping out of line they have given up their right to self-determination and freewill, though it may be earned back after a sufficient length of time.

Often, Undeath is a patron of users of magic, specifically researchers and enchanters, as she is the only god to claim to have discovered and brought into being a new domain of magical arts. Some claim the magic she introduced is itself a contributor to the darkness of the universe, but most ignore these complaints.

Undeath are strongly against murder of any form, even killing those who are suffering or who have committed heinous crimes, as it goes against the principle of life. If someone is beyond redemption, it does not mean they cannot be used. Often the ranks of a battleline will be full of those deemed “beyond repair” by the Clerics of Undeath, standing in front of their Paladins to soak up arrows and magic assault.


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