Merchant Coast

The Merchant Coast is a name given to the many towns, cities, villages and in general settlements that exist surrounding most of the coast of Restelas. The bountiful fishing supplies and defensible location of most of the merchant settlements made them attractive to all kinds of plutocratic individuals looking to enforce their own rules and live lives of true luxury.

In general all the towns have transport circles, though they more often than not lead into a guarded room owned by the merchant prince of that location.

The rulers are cautious individuals: often they have reached and attained their power through cunning and wile, and any who have reached the highest echelons of these communities has to be treated as though a poisonous snake: valuable if you can extract the venom, deadly otherwise.

Being merchant towns, they are often full of a variety of folk. The specific settlement often favours certain communities based on its trade and culture, but an underlying meritocracy is held throughout the city-states in order to attain the greatest payout possible.

The city states have no one leader, but they do have a committee which meets regularly to discuss trade deals and ideaologies, lead by the three council heads. The current heads are:

  • Frieda Garjinghein (Halfling)
  • Chagred Uluae (Drow)
  • Kegrid Cinder (Genasi)

Merchant Coast

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